Turn Back Time by Radclyffe

Sleep-deprived, highly caffeinated, wildly good-at-their-jobs surgeons find an attraction. It could only be classic Radclyffe!

Woman A is a surgeon who has a leather jacket and tinkers with classic cars.

Woman B is a surgeon who has an no-good cheatin’ ex-husband and a child.

Woman A is quite a player. Woman B takes one look at Woman A and just isn’t straight any more. Cue lots of snogging and an awful lot of sex!

It takes them a while to get to it, because of their pesky all-consuming jobs, which involve long hours drinking coffee, looking at pieces of paper, walking up and down stairs and speaking technical surgery words. They spend quite a lot of time getting into and out of scrubs too. Mostly in slow motion, to really accentuate those stomach muscles and all that sweat from, you know, saving lives all the time.

Brilliantly, it turns out Woman A totally loves kids and Woman B is totally ambitious and unlike in Falling Hard by Jae, the wildness of Woman A doesn’t really get tamed as she acquires her new family.

And the title? What time are we turning back here? Erm… who knows.

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