Winter’s Harbor by Aurora Rey

I really like this book, and it just squeaks into the ‘recommended’ rating. Set in Provincetown, Woman A comes to town in the off season to get away from her no good cheatin’ ex. Woman B is the sexy baker who plays the field and isn’t looking to settle down. Woman A works from Woman B’s coffee shop for a bit and they get to know each other and, well it’s a lesbian romance, so one thing leads to another.

Doesn’t sound up to much, does it? But, Woman A was in a relationship for 10 years, and this deals with a bit of what a mediocre relationship can do to you, and how hard it can be to find yourself again. And there’s a bit of examination of how relationships can start off quite well and just quietly go a bit mediocre. And people start off nice and then turn into unprincipled business execs. And then there are Lots of Trust Issues. But that’s all tucked in around some good old fashioned romancing, so it isn’t heavy duty.

Quite a lot of (well written) sex, which is also part of the plot and related to Woman A regaining her confidence. Not complaining.

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