Conflict of Interest by Jae

If you’re triggered by the word rape, then stop reading this.

This story is all about rape. The word features, I would guess, at least 200 times. The rape happens, the rapist is caught and convicted and the victim eventually recovers enough to have a relationship, and of course a great orgasm!

It’s very much a book of two halves. First half, thumbs up! Second half, thumbs down.

First half is a super exciting read: an action-packed crime drama with an added frisson of forbidden attraction. Woman A, the rape victim, is a rape therapist (what are the chances?), Woman B, the detective, already fancies Woman A via a brief chance meeting (what are the chances?), the rapist is extremely violent and a total stranger (what are the chances?), the rapist is caught, tried and found guilty in record time (really, what are the chances?). So far, so good. Some genuinely well thought out scenes with insider tips that you could actually use if you knew someone who was attacked. Author has done her homework. Good stuff.

Second half of the book, you start to realise that, of course, this story isn’t going to end until Woman A has mind-blowing sex with Woman B, and of course that that is not going to be any time soon, as she’s massively traumatised, and that ain’t conducive to love making. Problem is, now NOTHING HAPPENS for MONTHS. Slow months. Really slow months. Followed by some even slower months. I admire the effort, feeling the need to end the story with love making and feeling whole as a result, but the change in pace from the first half of the book just makes it all seem dull.

Turns out there is a sequel, featuring a couple of other characters who appear in the book. Will I read it? Oh, probably, yes.

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