The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

blurry woman at night with stars behind her

We’re in the UK, COVID-19 has forced us to our homes, and stress levels are HIGH. Time for some historical lesbian romance!

Woman A is an astronomer who’s just watched her lover of 5 years marry some bloke. Her father has recently died, and with it her access to a life in science. Her brother is keen to marry her off.

Enter Woman B, a long time correspondent of her father’s, writing to ask for recommendations for a translator for the latest innovative bit of science imported from France. Woman A hightails it to London and convinces the surprisingly beautiful, intriguing, and widowed, Women B, to let her have a shot at the translation. All is not simple, though, because there’s a Sexist Association of Scientists to contend with. Luckily Women B is a countess, and has some money to throw around, and for some reason thinks she should help the brilliant and intriguing Woman A…

Glorious, glorious hokum ensues. I was able to gloss over the slightly bizarre sex scenes, and the totally implausible use of language, and had a lot of fun reading this.

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