Falling Hard by Jae

Jae is generally a pretty safe bet and can reliably subvert or inspect some stereotypes. I like that in a book. Romance, and a teeny bit of something to think about.

That said, Falling Hard is essentially romance through and through. Woman A (a surgeon!) likes women. A lot of women. Woman B is divorced from her cheatin’ (surgeon!) partner and has a 5-year-old. Woman B moves in next door to woman A. They don’t want to fall in love, but they do. The end.

However, along the way we have a few racial issues in the mix, a very nice exploration of the way it’s possible to be a ‘player’ without being a total arse, and a light exploration of how falling in love can be quite a tough and brave thing to do.

I wasn’t totally convinced it would all be plain sailing after the book ended, as much of the romance happens in slightly unusual circumstances, but whatever!

I wouldn’t normally include the book cover, but it’s so astonishing literal about the books’ content, I couldn’t help it!


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