Coming Home by KJ

This is a great and proper romance: an Australian super-teacher temporarily and unexpectedly thrown out of her regular life and into the strange world of a glamorous American film star and her entourage. Not just any movie star, but one our teacher has lusted over from afar for quite some time. Will the obvious happen? Well, it’s not totally straighforward: there are troubles ahead, and this is a great big romance played out across Melbourne and eventually across continents, but really full of those tiny looks and gestures that mean so much when falling in love.

The writer obviously adores Melbourne, and you probably will too by the end of this book, though you might be a bit cautious about visiting the museum… And while it may seem like the movie star has it all, and there is a huge imbalance in the relationship, actually our mega-teacher has it all too – she doesn’t have the money or the entourage, but she has it all where it counts.

Actually, there are 3 main characters in this book, as the movie star’s child makes a significant appearance – but don’t worry, she’s great. Our lowly heroine is buddied up with the child as her new tutor and sets about teaching her all that is important about being Australian. In turn, she learns what a weird life the kid has, filled with paparazzi, bodyguards, her mother’s star-struck girlfriends, and excitement. Oh, and it turns out the movie star is Australian really, so you know, if a good reason ever came up, she could, you know, move to Australia with no trouble at all, maybe, just saying.

The happy ending is slightly cobbled together: two women who can magically and wonderfully communicate with each other on an intuitive and natural level, blah blah, fail to communicate with each other about their actual relationship, so their best buddies / entourage have to do the honours. But after ALL THE PLOT that has happened, a slightly iffy ending can be forgiven.

If you like Radclyffe’s books but couldn’t eat one more surgeon if you tried, thank you, pick this up. It’s just as bold, and actually just as exciting. There is genuine EXCITING PLOT in this book, which is totally unnecessary to the lovers loving. So many romances seem to conclude that nothing else happens in the world, but this is not one of those books. Hold onto your hat, it’s going to be a ride!

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