Gold by E J Noyes

Our heroine is a gold-medal grade girlfriend: Olympic champion ski racer, tall, rich, loved by children and animals alike, travels the world with own strap-on.

She is also just broken enough: following a spectacular wipeout at Vancouver 2010 while chasing a fourth Olympic medal, she has a metal knee, arthritic ankles and a bit of a limp. The following seven years bumming around the world as a ski instructor in increasing pain and dwindling fame have left her desperate to settle down, and you just know that’s the cue for sexy older woman to stumble into her life, packaged up with child, dog and great friends in tow.

There is adventure aplenty on the ski front, sex aplenty on the relationship front, and a good (though not prize-winning) supporting cast of characters.

The last sentence of the book was a howl-out-loud contender for most outrageous sentence in a romance novel. It still doesn’t beat Radclyffe’s “She came and came and came and realised she’d come home”, but then who can top that, anyway?

For those keen on their romance featuring a high literary quality with lines such as “I want you to take me from behind, hard”, you will not be disappointed. At other points in the book, those of you who want to make cute noises about magnificently cute small children doing cute domestic things, you will also not be disappointed either. Gold indeed. Read it.

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