The London of Us by Clare Lydon

It’s summer in London… the sun is shining… we just had a royal wedding… England are winning at the football… the city is shiny, glamorous, relaxed and happy.

It’s a perfect time to read this book.

If you came out as an adult, you’ll get a lot out of this one, if not, you might not. It’s in Clare Lydon’s signature slightly cartoony style, which has frustrated me a little in the past but perfectly fits here. Yes, I want a coming out as an adult story to involve lots of empathy and not much in the way of genuine wailing and gnashing of teeth, in fact zero trauma altogether please. Yes, let’s see how this impossible plot unravels: famously straight woman living with boyfriend starts lusting after her hot female best buddy, to the point where boyfriend monetises their ‘onscreen chemistry’ via a YouTube fitness and cooking channel. But what will happen offscreen, and will it happen in the middle of Ikea?! Yes, I want to imagine that living in London involves having enormous balconies and walking to work and making ultra-hip YouTube videos (“Fit and Tasty”!) in my spare time with my amazing buddies and my super-sexy Object Of Desire. Yes, I want the one big plot twist to have me shrieking out loud.

Do it. England will inevitably go out before the quarter finals, so why not treat yourself?

This is one of a series. Stack ’em high and keep ’em for when you need some #emergencykittens and Twitter is down.

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