Edge of Glory by Rachel Spangler

Uptight Olympic skier recovering from career-threatening injury meets ageing (30!), party-loving Olympic snowboarder. Skier has amazing eyes and nice strong legs. Snowboarder has amazing abs. Snowboarder has matured into a responsible adult, if only the socially inept skier would realise it. Skier has minimal personality, but the snowboarder doesn't ever seem to realise that (she … Continue reading Edge of Glory by Rachel Spangler

The Story of Lizzie and Darcy by Grace Watson

Pride and Prejudice modern lesbian self-published rewrite. Romance of the they-hate-each-other-so-much-at-the-beginning-they-must-end-up-together-at-the-end variety. Writing of the surely-if-i-copy-someone-elses-tried-and-tested-formula-i-cant-lose variety. Well... we've all seen enough amateur Shakespeare plays to know that isn't necessarily true. That said, if you loved the original, you will get something out of this adaptation. Begins badly, and by 'begins' I mean I dragged … Continue reading The Story of Lizzie and Darcy by Grace Watson