Bend For Me by Jessica Yeh

Despite its awful, snigger-worthy title, this book is not a shag-at-first-sight-and-all-the-rest-of-the-time-too story. It could be more literally titled In Which The Artist And The Yoga Teacher Sort Their Shit Out. Our heroines are both in their mid-to-late twenties and both are old enough to have lived through some Shit that really wants Sorting Out. Neither recognise this at first, they are too busy drink driving and licking tequila shots off each other’s stomachs, but eventually they both realise that their mutual attraction is not going away and that it is genuinely worth tackling their Issues, and worth tackling them Properly.

The book opens with a very hungover, very reluctant artist being dragged kicking and screaming to a dawn yoga class and discovering that the yoga teacher is totally hot. The artist is a bit of a player, but the yoga teacher doesn’t fall for it… banter ensues and by about a quarter of the way through the book all impediments have basically fallen away and the two should be a couple. In fact, this is so apparent that the author literally brings in a minor character to have a conversation with one of them to ask what the problem is, becasue there isn’t one. Actually, they both actually do have trauma in their recent pasts, which they can’t avoid. One has been cruelly dumped and one has suffered a bereavement. These really are things that take more than just a shag – even a glorious shag – to sort out. It does get pretty ugly, but Everything turns out alright in the end. In a nice little touch, the artist finally chucks out her porn collection that she has been telling herself she has been holding onto for ‘artistic’ research. Growth of the soul indeed.

The minor characters are a bit cartoony but a lot of fun, and this author is definitely going places. Pay attention, and get her next book when it comes out, I’ve a distinct feeling it will be worth it.

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