Not the Marrying Kind by Jae

woman eating a cupcake. Sexily.

In my distressingly distant youth, before I had the pleasure of meeting the Long Tall Sheriff, I was in love with a closeted woman. Reading this book by Jae brought back some of the unhappiness and trauma of that period, and I would Not Recommend this for anyone who has had similar experiences.

What occurs? Well, this book is in the same universe as a few of Jae’s other books, but most keenly a follow up to Perfect Rhythm (music sex god superstar falls for asexual woman who does something worthy, yet forgettable, in the local community). In this instalment, Woman A is the closeted ex of the asexual do-gooder, and she lives life afraid of what everyone else in town might think of her. Never mind sex with women, she’s scared they’ll think anything about her at all. She runs a shop in town, so a damaged reputation could be actually bad, I guess, and her parents are your average small town homophobes. Woman B has no such hang-ups, runs another shop in town, but is too busy for romance – and anyway, none of the men in town take her fancy and all the women are straight…

So, even though they’ve known each other for years, Women A and B are thrown together over the planning of the pop star wedding. Turns out there’s attraction. Then there’s the realisation of mutual attraction. Then there’s trauma! Etc!

Frankly, given my traumatic youth, there were a few too many moments where I wanted to shout at Woman A and tell her to stop fucking playing around with Woman B’s heart, and tell Woman B to get out of there because her heart will be broken. At this point I realised it might be my issue more than the book…

That aside, there’s an annoying lack of plot about anything other than the wedding or the closetedness, so I found it hard to care about the characters at all. Even the sex scenes left me cold, but that was largely because they were Such A Bad Idea!


Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

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