Reinventing Lindsey by Maggie Brown

Woman at a bar drinking through a straw

Rich, reclusive, robotics whiz employs anthropologist-turned-professional matchmaker to find her a wife. Need I say more?

But I may have undersold the match making service. When you think of a professional matchmaker, do you think of someone who’s first port of call is ensuring you look amazing, including a complete makeover of hair and wardrobe? And then coaches you in how to pick up chicks? And how to hold conversation? And then, just to be safe, takes you on dates for a few weeks to get you into practice? No? Well, you need this matchmaker. She’s not cheap, but she will move in to a cottage on your estate for your convenience if you so desire. And perhaps her services could be extended just a little further…

A fun book that is all the more enjoyable if you just turn a blind eye to the various implausible scenarios and slightly misused words and just go with it. And be warned there are a couple of twists that will only be of a surprise to you if you’ve never read a book before. But whatevs!

Fun, readable romp.

Reinventing Lindsey at Amazon

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