Being Hers by Anna Stone

I hesitated to write this review because I am the first to admit this is not a genre I’m familiar with. I’m not even completely sure what this genre is correctly called. It’s lesbian romance, but there is dominance and submission and handcuffs and whips. Is this S&M? Is this bondage? Are those the same genres? Anyway, whatever it’s called, it worked for me.

Woman A is working her way through law school by waitressing in a high end cocktail bar. Woman B turns out to own the bar, and swiftly goes about seducing the more than willing Woman A. Woman B has a whip. Woman A can’t get her eyes off it. Woman B has a commanding way about her. Woman A discovers she finds that really quite a turn on. Woman A isn’t after a relationship. Nor is Woman B. Mutually enjoyable sex occurs.

Could it be more? Should it be more? Well, of course, it’s a book firmly in the romance genre, so there is more. There’s a little bit of back story about how Woman A is a control freak in most of her life, having had to grow up fast with a chaotic family life. Her law aspirations are about changing the world, not making lots of money. Woman B is also a control freak, with parental issues. Their control freakery reveals itself in different ways sexually.

This isn’t a sexual area I’ve given much thought to, so I found it interesting. At times the book reads a little bit like a ‘how to be submissive’ or ‘first intro to bondage’ book, which was good and useful for innocent little me. Our younger protagonist is introduced to the world of bondage by the archetypical rich, older, successful, knowing woman, so we learn the ropes (ha!) along with her. And in good teaching mode, there was a lot about respect, safety and communication. Quite the turn on. In fact, communication and trust as part of the sexual relationship forms quite a chunk of the plot. Top marks!

I’m classifying this as readable, because if this is your thing I have no clue how it stacks up against the competition. If it’s not your thing but you’re even slightly curious, I’d put this in the recommended category. Widen your horizons, little sparrow; it’s not like you need to buy the whip and handcuffs to enjoy the idea of it.

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