The Red Files by Lee Winter

After my wild enthusiasm for Lee Winter’s The Brutal Truth, I decided to give another of her books a go. Big mistake!

Or rather, big insight into how many attempts at the same plot and characters it takes before you hit the version that works.

The similarities between The Red Files and the Brutal Truth was unnerving at first, but then it became absurd. I’m sure there’s actually the same dialogue at times.

Anyhoo. Both books have a hotshot older woman who is standoffish and is admired by a younger journalist at the first stages of her career. The Brutal Truth casts the older woman as a media mogul, but the Red Files casts her as an experienced respected journalist who’s been hard done by and is hence in the orbit of our bright young thing.

Both books have implausible storylines, but the Red Files tries for some sort of political intrigue meets journalism lessons, which just isn’t very interesting. And sadly, there is zilcho chemistry between the women.

Not worth the bother.

The Red Files at Amazon

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