Passionate Rivals by Radclyffe

Radclyffe is back on the horse! After the “Don’t Bother” that was Love After Hours we now have a gem of a surgeons-go-at-it-like-surgeons book. Raaaah!

Radclyffe makes these two surgeons genuinely interesting and intriguing women, thrown deep in really tricky situations in their professional as well as in their personal lives. This is primarily an excellent workplace adventure, where due to the nature of the workplace, the stakes are ridiculously high, blood flows, pagers beep, halls are for running down, and any spare 5 minutes for eating junk food and drinking coffee. How glamorous. Will the patients live, be paralysed, or might they actually die…? This high-pressured environment leads to lots of random shagging, naturally, but our two heroines will have to negotiate a proper relationship, not a few minutes together on the rather unglamorous off-duty staff bunk beds. How do they manage it? Well, there are really awful things keeping them apart, but the main thing with surgeons is not to dither, but to decide. Make the cut, take the step, heal what you can.

This is a book about two alpha females with ripping careers. It is not a housewife’s rescue fantasy, it’s not chick lit, but it does have enough scenes where good mates hang out on the porch with bottles of beers to give you a rosy glow. Recommended.

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