The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter

Swooooon. I admit, I totally fell for this book, which leaves me with the realisation I might be really into older, powerful women fantasies. In fact, I got so much into this, I can even tell you the characters names!

Maddie is a 30ish Australian trying to make her way in New York’s media industry. Elena is 15 years Maddie’s senior, a billionaire (yes, billionaire!) media mogul, married and straight. Elena swoops into Maddie’s small town newspaper to close it down, and Maddie is the only person who seems to notice not only Elena’s sense of humour, but also her compassionate side. To everyone else Elena is a ‘tiger shark’, ruthless in all she does. Maddie is also the only person who seems to say ‘no’ to Elena, or treat her like an actual human being, most noticeably during late night chats at work which Maddie forces upon Elena during her breaks in her night shift.

Of course, this doesn’t stop Elena from firing Maddie and telling her she has no future in journalism. And then inexplicably (ha!) offering Maddie a job as her PA and the chance to return to Aus with her head held high. As a direct report to the goddess that is Elena, Maddie turns ‘professional’ and their friendship seems to grind to a halt, with only hints of the affection they hold for each other slipping out.

Mucho, slightly convoluted, plot occurs, concerning the fashion industry, amusing French stereotype side characters, and Maddie’s growing confidence and discovery of her own voice. And let’s not forget Elena is straight and married. Right? Right?

Well, perhaps not so straight, and perhaps she could do with being not quite so married. And perhaps she could gradually work out why it is she can’t stop staring at the arse, or eyes, of her totally inconsequential PA. Ahem.

Full disclosure, I read this at the end of a particular stressful few days, so it’s possible my judgement was slightly impaired. And it certainly could have done with a slightly better proofread at times, but in that context it pushed all the right buttons for.


Now, who can tell me where to meet a wildly glamorous and powerful billionaire goddess who will have eyes only for me?

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2 thoughts on “The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter

  1. I recently listened to The Brutal Truth as an audio book and it was outstanding. The writing was superb, and the narration by Angela Dawe perfectly captured the characters and the spirit of the book.


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