It’s not a date by Heather Blackmore

Oh, the writing is good! Not just ‘ok’, but actually enjoyable to read, witty, and well paced. The plot, however…

Kade is super-successful, super-rich, super-clever, super-nice, super-single and super-super-screwed up. Jen is super-nice and super-understanding. Both are, of course, super-sexy.

We open with super-rich Kade flying into a conference in Maui (“It had been a few years since she’d flown via commercial airline”) and, due to [insert side plot], she needs a lift from the airport. There are no cabs(?!) and all the hire cars are gone. Enter Jen, who has the last car in town. They hit it off and spend a magical day together (super-hot bikinis!), before flying back to their own worlds, never to meet again. Until…

One year later, super-successful Kade finds herself parachuted into an advisory role for Jen’s super-nice, super-worthy Silicon Valley startup. Awkward.

They are both super-professional, so initially Jen isn’t sure if Kade even remembers her. Oh, she remembers. However, Kade is convinced she’s no good for people (this is the super screwed up bit), so a loving, straightforward romance doesn’t immediately blossom. They kinda get past that, but gradually the traumas of Kade’s past, and the complications of Jen’s present, get in the way, so how could this possibly be resolved?

How indeed? The first third of this book is a simple tale of two successful, over-worked people who meet and fall for each other. Then traumatic plot devices arrive, it draws out for another 200 pages, and Kade adds super-insightful to her list of attributes, magically managing to work through All Her Issues All By Herself. A step too far, but gives a happy ending. In my view, completely implausibly (yes, yes, I know, it’s a romance). But seriously.


It’s not a date at Amazon

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