No More Pretending by Bette Hawkins

Lauren is a hot successful actress, who comes to Smalltownsville to work on a film. Being the down-to-earth, largely untouched-by-the-trappings-of-success genuine woman she is (her personal assistant remains in New York), she rents a cottage so she and her cute dog can chill out and recover from the excitement of their NYC lives. In no time at all, Lauren meets Harper, an unfeasibly hot waitress, who’s actually a lawyer, back in Smalltownsville caring for her increasingly alcoholic father (but doing apparently nothing to address his problem) and her younger brother (age unclear, personality absent, and caring requirements completely invisible!).

Initially, Lauren appears rude. But this is just her innate amazing natural shyness getting in the way, because Harper is just so smokin’ hot. Harper’s smokin’ hotness gets her a job on the set, though, working with the lecherous director, who initially seems to want to hit on Harper, then seems to behave mysteriously appropriately for the remainder of the book. Possibly because Harper has laid down the law, or possibly because Harper has announced she’s gay.

So, our hot young things are thrust into each other’s company, and bump into each other in the park (jogging / dog walking), and so forth. Friendship develops. Attraction smoulders. However, Lauren has resolved to Take Time Out (which for some reason shouldn’t involve sleeping with the local waitress) and is also quite a long way in the closet due to her publicist’s media advice, so Harper thinks her attraction is futile. This is a minor stumbling block, though, and snogging and more eventually ensues.

(Spoiler alert…) However, the greater stumbling blocks to everlastin’ happiness are the alcoholic father and the younger brother, the actress going back to New York, the actress being closeted meaning relationships are Difficult and the actress having trust issues as a result of a previous relationship gone bad. Well, not to worry. These major life issues are all miraculously and swiftly dealt with, with no angst, as a result of the clarity of love and stuff just plain ol’ working out. Bah. I wouldn’t bother, if I were you.

Amazon link just in case we didn’t discourage you.

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