Right Here, Right Now, by Georgia Beers

Not one of Georgia Beers’ finest, but readable. In which a slightly up-tight accountant falls for a live-in-the-moment marketing whizz who brings a whole load of colour into her boring, predictable work life. After a slow start to the relationship, all seems amazing until suddenly it isn’t. We see it all through the eyes of the accountant, which is a nice change, but the accountant shows a remarkable lack of interest in some elements of her girlfriend’s life, until suddenly she needs to work out what’s going on. This is a daydreamy fantasy of the way-out-of-my-league-woman-next-door-can’t-get-enough-of-little-old-me variety, in which our heroine is passive and that works out fine.

I admit I found it a bit stressful reading about the accountant’s work pressures: I have my own work pressures without living through an accountant’s tax season as well. There are also some scenes in which I think we’re meant to think the accountant is uptight, but to my mind she seemed to have quite reasonable expectations of her work neighbours. That probably doesn’t say anything good about me… ahem.

Chemistry? Not really. Sex? There is some. Happily ever after? Natch. Once we know the accountant’s dog totally loves the marketing exec on about page 15, its only going to go one way.

Right Here, Right Now, at Amazon

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