The Big Sugarbush by Ana B. Good

In which an eclectic range of privileged women descend on a snowed-in house in the middle of Vermont and spend many weeks together in Lesbian Rehab. Hilarious, brilliant and actually quite clever.

One by one, the extraordinary characters arrive – some willingly. All need to make it to the end of rehab or face prison, unemployment or just good old-fashioned misery.

There is an English pop star, a battle-hardened news reporter, an ageing Wall Street icon, an artist, the daughter of a politician, athletes on steroids, the list goes on… each were the centre of their own chaotic existences until they are forced to share a house and open up about their lives. The rules are no drugs, no sex and lots of chores. There is a pesky cupboard off the kitchen, though, and rules are hard to keep…

For a first romance novel, this is wonderfully ambitious. It starts a bit slowly, and then suddenly you find depth to the characters and a plot you care about (silly as it is!). I’m so pleased to read something that isn’t just Woman A falls for Woman B, with just enough romance to live happily in the genre.

Buy it, put the kettle on, and enjoy!

The Big Sugarbush at Amazon

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