Love After Hours by Radclyffe

Wow, Radclyffe just phoned this one in. The once mighty “Love Doctors” books have descended into… oh, who cares. In my mind, this series is totally named the “Love Doctors”, not the rather dull “Rivers Community Romances”. I enjoyed the first one so much I read it twice. The second one was good. The third one wasn’t up to much. The fourth? Don’t bother. Poor Carrie the terribly femme executive secretary softball player falls for a very butch construction worker on the opposing softball team. They can’t have sex for about 3 days because the construction worker needs to, like, open up emotionally. She does, during a thunder storm (that’s called “pathetic fallacy”, for anyone who doesn’t have the benefit of a degree in English Lit), then they have sex, its great, they get together. Whatever. Only notable for some early morning sitting-on-the-porch-in-undies-eating-muffins atmosphere, otherwise paper thin.

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