Winter Calling by Lynn Galli

This starts so well. Our lead woman works in HR for a ski resort and is universally lovely and kind. So much so, nobody suspects she fancies the pants off the hard hitting new Finance Director with the unpronounceable name. And she seems to be the only person, apart from the sexy FD, who thinks actually working at work is a good idea. So, they have at least one thing in common.

We get introduced to a fairly well drawn sister character, and a few bits of back story get revealed artfully.

But then. The ladies hit it off, but in the the writing there seems to be zero chemistry. They go on a couple of dates and fall for each other. The sex is AMAZING (surprise!) but brief. That’s kinda it.

Well, it’s not totally it because there’s a chunk of plot with peril for the ski resort, and back stories for both of them, but it’s told in such an offhand way it was slightly hard to care.

It did kinda make me want to go skiing though.

Amazon link to Winter Calling.

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