Take Me There by Julie Cannon

Take Me There. And There! And There Again! Take Me!

A book with an unusually large number of sex scenes achieved by the cunning ploy of including the (sex) lives of a well established couple (who feature in other books, too) alongside the lives of the couple-to-be. Add to the mix that couple-to-be used to be a couple, and both of them think back graphically to their sexual exploits of their teenage years, and you’ve got quite a tally.

The established couple is a nice touch, though, because, sex aside, sometimes there’s a conversation. However, for both couples I was left with the sense that the sex might have been better if there had been just a tad more conversation. No matter how much electricity sparks when you touch, even after all those years, do you have the communication skills to navigate who’s going to pick the kid up when both or your hotshot careers are fighting for priority? Week after week after week?

And, yes, this is another magic family scenario in which woman B is a grief-stricken widow with a three-year-old (sadly lacking in personality), while woman A has never managed to have a relationship since the one in collage with woman B ruined her for all others…

The plot revolves around some corporate negotiations with A and B on opposite sides of the deal. It’s a friendly deal, but still, ethics seem to be the excuse to not have conversations, but actually leads to Woman A Googling Woman B to find out what happened to her dead wife. But it’ll be fine because the sex, the sex! Take me!

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