Roll with Me by Elizabeth Andre

Very odd book. This is essentially a short story with some fairly graphic sex, some conversation between our heroine and her friend, and virtually nothing in the way of chemistry between our lead character and her love interest.

Our heroine has MS, which means she uses a wheelchair for her ‘running’ but is otherwise mobile without a chair. She hooks up with a hot babe who’s into running, and doesn’t tell her that she is a wheelchair user, or has MS, and, in fact, totally lies. Not totally implausible in terms of wanting to get to know someone before becoming all angsty about health issues, but quite odd. And it remains all a bit hard to follow when passages of time are covered as follows:

“For the next three months, Rachel and I dated, which I liked, but my lies kept getting bigger”

Three months?! The development of the relationship is described with lines such as:

“I told her about playing street softball when I was a kid. She told me how much she loved running around her school’s track”

But do not fear, while we miss the actual conversations, we get the actual sex.

“I got on top of her and spun around, so my face was in her snatch, and my snatch was ready for her lovely tongue.”

Okaaaaay. If you’re after a bit of graphic sex with a sprinkling of plot, this is for you. Didn’t do it for me.

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(Sent to us for free in exchange for a review.)

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