Who’d Have Thought by G. Benson

With the exception of her titles, this author sure can write! A totally flakey premise, lightly riddled with passages of time that seem slightly impossible, delivered with style and depth and utterly compelling writing.

Our heroine is a nurse with money troubles who agrees to marry, for a year, to get her out of financial straits. Her new wife is the hospital neurosurgeon (best in the State, natch) with no social skills, 15 years our nurse’s senior, disliked by our nurse, but with oh, such green, green eyes.

Family sagas play out while we have the lovely experience of seeing the relationship unfold far more clearly than our insecure, young narrator does.

As for ‘modern sexuality’ points, the books scores quite high. Our central character is pansexual, without it being too laboured. And her best buddy is gender non-binary, with all the explanations and issues around that humorously and gently done.

Bits of it are sexy as hell, as well. Full marks for their first sexual encounter featuring pretty much zero description because, basically, they’re drunk!

Amazon link to Who’d Have Thought


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