Twice in a Lifetime by Clare Lydon

In which two women meet after 17 years and attempt to relive the passion of their shared first love. The sex is mediocre and they’re both embittered and set in their ways after 15 years of loneliness, but persevere with couples counselling before eventually realising they’ve grown apart and calling it a day. KIDDING!!

Two women meet after 17 years and feel all the same fireworks of their shared first love and attempt to work out what that means for their adult selves. High quality beach reading (very pick-upable and put-downable), with not an iota of angst or peril, and better written than most books with so little plot.

Our heroines are wildly talented and their businesses successful (the upside to being lonely and miserable) and bizarrely in the same field as each other. This causes no problems of significance. In fact, the opposite. Both have good friends and people fancy them (code for “these are not crazy failure lonely people”).

The fly in the ointment is whether Sally will trust Harriet with her heart again. And what they’ll do about the fact that they live in different cities. “Long distance doesn’t work”. Someone’s father is ill. They have sex in ‘interesting’ places. etc. There’s an amusing “crazy” aunt who drinks too much (but in a cool way, not in a “I’ve got a problem” way).

We get flashbacks to their first summer together and, indeed, their first sexual encounter together. I won’t spoil the plot, but let’s just say it was far sexier than your first sexual encounter with that woman who’s name you’ve forgotten.

What do you reckon? Will it work out?

I’d have enjoyed a little more sense of them actually getting along with each other as people, and a little less wild sex as the foundation of their relationship, but whatevs.

Forgettable but very enjoyable while it lasts. And a great title. Radclyffe take note.

(Thank you, Clare Lydon, for sending us a review copy. Our policy: we will always be honest – what would be the fun, otherwise?)

Amazon link to Twice in a Lifetime

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