Heart Stop by Radclyffe

Assistant Chief Medical Examiner meets Injured Ex-surgeon looking to put her life back together. Assistant Chief ME has heartbreak in her past and has vowed not to love again. Ex-surgeon isn’t looking to settle down. Icy heart melts, while uncommitted heart commits. Readable nonsense.

It’s in Radlyffe’s First Responders series, and the first of them I’ve read. So, you get a lot of catching up with other lesbian characters who are in sexy and excitingly committed relationships, presumably from previous books in the series, but totally perplexing if you don’t know them already. And it leads to a very odd idea of the town entirely run by powerful, sexy lesbians, but what’s not to like, huh?

There’s a totally missable ‘plot’ involving gang warfare and drugs, which is an excuse to see our hot lesbians in action. And I guess might be an ongoing story in the books?

And, seriously, how has Radclyffe not used this title already?

Read it, enjoy it, forget it.

Heart Stop on Amazon

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