The Long Way Home by Roslyn Bane

If you like your romances light and fluffy without a hint of angst, avoid at all costs. If, however, you like some meaty bits of character development, some sense that the women’s sex lives are related to their emotional lives, and a loooong love story, this is for you!

Kris and Sam are both serving in Afghanistan. Kris is a surgeon and Sam is a helicopter pilot. They don’t know each other. Sam gets shot down and trapped, some of her team dying in the process, and Kris goes into the field to help save her. The rescue involves amputating part of Sam’s leg, and Kris also gets seriously injured as they are leaving. Both traumatised, they meet again in hospital, but don’t recognise each other. What could possibly happen next?

Unusually, they both have some regular ol’ life issues on top of their massive injury issues, so it’s not quite as obvious as could be. And some of those life issues were pretty intense. It would be too much of a spoiler to give too much away, but check the tags on this post for some clues.

I really liked this book and the only thing keeping it out of the recommended list is the level of angst (this is a romance blog, not an angsty blog!). The issues stayed with me, and were well drawn. The characters go on fairly significant journeys of healing, and are kind to each other. It’s not a simple ‘eyes met, had amazing sex, the end’ sort of scenario, but rather, ‘eyes met, got to know each other, became friends, had amazing sex, more happened, the end’ kind of scenario.

Is some of it a bit hammy? Well, of course! Is some of it a clear bit of romantic dreaming? You bet! Are there scenes that seem a teeny bit implausible? D’uh! But these elements are minimised, and overall, it’s a good read if you’re up for it.

Link to The Long Way Home on Amazon

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