Sawmill Springs by Geri Hill

In which a hotshot homicide detective and a hotshot FBI agent both turn their backs on their previous hotshot existences to go back to small town life, just in time for a series of murders to break out. I spent some of the book wondering if the murders were a result of them coming to town, but nothing that clever was afoot.

Characterisation is light, to say the least, and chemistry virtually non-existent, but they both look hot in uniform. Supporting characters are disappointingly exactly what you’d expect, and the plot is pure hokum. No passing detail is irrelevant and no red herrings to put you off the scent.

Although our homicide detective is traumatised by [insert traumatic event here], she shows no signs of it, and their mutual attraction is largely about them being the right age and better looking than the other lesbian in town. Homicide detective thinks FBI agent is straight for a while, which is presented as a plot twist, but only delays the inevitable.

However! Gerri Hill can write dialogue well, and string good sentences together, so we kinda forgive her just dialling this one in. Totally readable. Totally forgettable. Made a stressful week just melt away.

Amazon link to Sawmill Springs

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