Snowbound by Cari Hunter

This is Cari Hunter‘s first book, and it somewhat shows. She can write, and it’s gripping, but it’s just not as strong as the Dark Peaks series. It’s also very obviously a warm up for that series, with very similar characters kicking around.

It’s also a slightly odd mix of genres, combining thriller with lesbian romance. Woman A is a police officer who gets kidnapped as part of a robbery, and then injured. Woman B is the doctor who goes in to save her life. Emotionally, Woman A is still getting over breaking up with her no-good cheatin’ ex. Woman B seems to have never had any love interest to speak of, so is she even gay? They both have cats and like going for walks (code for ‘match made in heaven’).

Generally, both of the main characters are nicely drawn, and behave like competent women at work in the world. What could be sexier? Apart from a scene near the end, in which they both behave slightly stupidly for a dramatic climax to be allowed to happen.

Bits of this are written very explicitly (in medical terms) and with lots of detail, as if to pass a test for an audience of medics. They made me a bit queasy at times.

Minimal sex, but it’s not about the sex. Better levels of romance. Massive levels of morphine levels vs whatever the other thing was, to ensure she stays alive.

Anyhoo! Worth a read, but not as good as her later stuff.

Amazon link for Snowbound

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