Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson

Blissful page-turner of an adventure romance set at the Vancouver 2010 women’s ice hockey, which culminates in the gold medal match between USA and Canada.  All the scores are real, so we know Canada is going to win and the USA is going to lose. There’s more intrigue and mystery thrown in to keep us on our toes!

Woman A coaches Team Canada. She’s been out of the game for a while having a complicated family life, but is back for the Vancouver Games.

Woman B is the ageing star player of Team USA, going for one last medal before her body gives out.

Woman A and Woman B had a big, big thing together at university when they played on the same team, but they fucked it up. Now they’ve matured a bit, they get a second chance, yay! Trouble is, it’s the Olympics and they are on opposing teams that totally hate each other.

For those who don’t know anything about hockey, let me explain this in football terms: it’s the equivalent of England and Germany playing in the World Cup final. Imagine the German manager having a covert thing with the ageing England captain with all the experience (think Beckham in his last few games – slower but still inspiring to have around). Then throw in a plot where someone is trying to throw matches and keeping sport honest suddenly becomes an aspiration that might just transcend national loyalties. As does snogging, naturally.

I’m not going to tell you what happens (Canada wins!) but do enjoy the cartoon villain that is the USA coach and the moral strength and politeness of the Canadians. I’d bet money that the author is Canadian, and a hockey player.

Amazon link to buy Delay of Game (paperback / Kindle)

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