Secret Hearts by Radclyffe

Every time a new Radclyffe book comes out I giggle at the title. Secret Hearts. Amazing. I think she writes the title, then has a little go at some random plot and then shoves in some stuff to make the title make any sort of sense.

This is totally readable, totally predictable Radclyffe. If you’ve not read any Radclyffe, you should. Almost any one will do.

This follows a good ol’ formula of pent up emotions, minor obstacles, and wild sex. In this one we are in New York City with a young, gorgeous, intelligent, slightly traumatised mechanic whizz kid meeting an older, gorgeous, intelligent, slightly traumatised, community farmer. The barriers and issues of their lives (the secret hearts element) are broken down by early mornings doing farm things. The pull is magnetic, etc. The trauma just needed the right woman to turn to, etc.

I do find the ease with which love makes the habits of a decade melt away a little frustrating, but let’s go with it.

But perhaps you can help me with this. I’ve wondered for a while about Radclyffe’s women because they do something that seems odd to me when they have sex. They almost always have conversations like this during sex:

“I want you to make me come.”

I mean, obviously, right? And:

“You’re going to make me come,” Jordan warned, knowing it was already too late.
Kip raised her head and watched Jordan’s neck arch as she entered her. “Yes, I am.”

So, when the Sheriff and I have sex we don’t tend to give lots of verbal updates on how close we are to orgasm. It’s usually quite obvious. And obviously a good idea. Are we missing something?

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One thought on “Secret Hearts by Radclyffe

  1. I can’t put flagrant sex in my novels because my 91 yr. old mother would have a heart attack, and I want my granddaughters to be able to read them. But, I think I’ll have to look up Radclyffe!

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