Wishing on a Dream by Julie Cannon

So, there’s that super hot lesbian singer you’re really into? Well, guess what? She’s ready to grow up and stop sleeping with a different chick after every gig, and she wants to show you, yes you, her deep and sensitive side, while taking you on tour with her. Yes, really! Oh, let’s go with it!

Woman A is a self-made hot shot business exec (natch) and Woman B is a sex-on-a-stick touring young songstress. Songstress wants business exec’s business to sponsor her. Business exec says no. Songstress spends much of the rest of the book pursuing business exec and it’s not quite clear how much of that is the unusually compelling scenario that someone actually said no to her. Business exec is unusually resistant to her charms (minor story around this). They fall in love, but dare they admit it? It obviously can’t work. Or can it? Etc.

Better than I’ve made it sound, actually 🙂

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