Born Out of Wedlock by Lyn Gardner

Oh. My. God. This is the most over the top, and loooooooong saga of a book and not worth your time. So many absurd twists and turns, it’s obviously meant to be an epic saga, but why? Totally nonsensical.

Rich heiress is a total bitch, she marries sweet young thing for some absurd legal reason, and is still a total bitch. Stuff happens. Lots of stuff happens.

I related all the plot twists of the first half to the Long Tall Sheriff on a very long walk one day. A few days later I had to do a total recap for her to tell her the second half because it’s all so bonkers!

Oh, and it’s based in the UK, which is totally surreal if you’re British because the author clearly (clearly, clearly!) isn’t.

Not terribly written, but there are better books.

4.7 stars on Amazon, so what do I know?

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