Night Voice by C F Frizzell

Ever wondered what happens in the long, cold off-season in Provincetown? Women anonymously phone in to the local radio station late at night, and talk to DJ ‘Sable’. She sounds sexy. No one knows her name in real life. She is single and can flirt with all the women over the airwaves, because none of it is real intimacy.

Enter our (single) butch heroine with a jeep full of tools and tremendous muscles, with a habit of drinking beer and phoning Sable after a long day doing sweaty things.

One day the two meet in person, in a snow bank, but don’t recognise each other’s voices from the radio. Cue two people slowly falling in love both on and off air, and getting really confused and tied up about the duality of it all. Cue the reader’s constant “Oh, once you’ve worked it out, just tell her she’s the one off the radio!”

Atmospheric, cleverly written and some adult working through of emotions in amongst all that fabulous sex. And there’s just a tiny bit of antiquing thrown in for good measure.

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